Joshua Tree Cleanup

Joshua Tree Cleanup

Last Summer Hey Dude Shoes did a photoshoot near Joshua Tree National Park for our Spring/Summer 2019 line of products.  This location was a top target for us because of its very distinct landscape and vegetation.  The pictures we captured were amazing and will serve as a great representation of our belief that these shoes will take you anywhere.   


During the current government shutdown many of the National Parks haven’t been maintained because federal employees were sent home from work until it ends.  With only volunteer support to help keep these amazing locations open during this time, there have been multiple scenarios across the country where trash is building up and in extreme cases vandalism has occurred. Hey Dude Shoes recently heard about how Joshua Tree National Park has been affected during this unfortunate time and it saddens us to see such a unique place in our backyard begin to deteriorate. Some of the major challenges Joshua Tree National Park faces during this shutdown are:

  • Joshua Tree has lost about $700,000 of revenue from entrance fees
  • Park vandalism and many trees cut down to create “new roads” by illegal campers
  • Toilets and trashcans have overflowed due to furloughed federal employees



As a small company it is challenging to find ways to make a bigger impact, but we believe as a community we can make a difference when our passion to create good comes together.  In support of those employees that aren’t currently working and protecting our beautiful National Parks, Hey Dude would like to create a month-long program to give back to both. 


  1. Park Employees: Hey Dude would like to give every employee of Joshua Tree National Park affected by the shutdown two pairs of shoes for them and a family member.  During this time where finding ways to pay bills, we know that purchasing other essential items like shoes doesn’t make the list.
  2. Park Support: Between January 30 – February 28, Hey Dude Shoes will donate 10% of all shoe sales purchased through our homepage to Joshua Tree National Park to help maintain and restore places that need attention.
  3. Volunteer Day: Hey Dude Shoes will work with the city of 29 Palms to set-up day for volunteers to join our employees and families to clean up the park.  As a thank you for those that come out to help, we’ll reward the first XX people with a gift card worth $XX for giving up their personal time to give back to our community and environment.  More information on this day will be sent out in the coming weeks.


As a company we know our efforts will only make a small dent in helping to revitalize the damage caused to this majestic location.  We hope it will inspire others to either join us or find other ways to support families and locations also being affected by this shutdown.  It is easy to get caught up in the debate of who is right or wrong in challenging situations like the one our government faces right now, but it is important for all of us to find ways to support those in need while waiting for a decision to be made.


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